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Ways to Enhance Your Apartment’s Security

Ways to Enhance Your Apartment’s Security


Moving into a gated community apartment home can be an exciting experience. You get access to so many amenities within the complex, meaning you don’t have to go out in the evenings anymore for a visit to the gym or swimming pool or a jog. All these are available on your home-turf itself, thus enhancing your lifestyle no end! However, since there are multiple families living in apartment buildings, it’s not always easy to keep tabs on the comings and goings of all the people. This can become a security issue if there is no proper security system in place.

Here are some ways you can enhance your apartment’s security:

Risk Assessment

You could start off by having a professional security company assess your gated community apartment building. A proper security risk assessment will throw up the vulnerable areas that need strengthening. The security company will also suggest ways of improving your security system. Having your security risk checked out by professionals is the best way to improve your apartment’s safety.

Sufficient lighting

Ensure there is sufficient outdoor lighting available at night, with greater focus on areas such as the car park, entrance into the building and the entrance and exit gates. Putting up sufficient lighting is a simple, yet cost-effective way of improving your apartment’s security.

CCTV Surveillance

Just in case your apartment complex doesn’t have CCTV surveillance cameras installed in key locations in and around your buildings, then it’s high time they were put up. And in case you already have a video surveillance system already in place, maybe it’s high time you upgraded them. Do ensure that there are sufficient numbers of CCTV cameras installed and that they are fixed in positions for maximum surveillance. Not only can live footage be used to deter crimes, but they also provide evidence for the police in case of any unfortunate incident.

Access Control Systems

To add another layer of security in your apartment complex, you could consider installing an access control system too. This is basically the use of a keycard which is needed to get into the building or to operate the lifts. Keycards are harder to duplicate when compared with regular keys and can even be used to gain entry into your apartment. And in case you give out your apartment for rent, it’s easy to turn off their access keycard after the lease is over.

Security Guards

There is greater comfort in having security guards on the premises too. They can be accessed faster than the police when residents feel insecure about something. Security guards can man the gates and control entry and exit of people as well as monitor the CCTV surveillance cameras and patrol the compound at regular intervals.

Community Events

Getting to know your neighbors is another effective way of enhancing security in your building. Holding social events regularly and encouraging the community to mingle together will build a stronger community fabric that will look out for one another. It’s easier to spot an outsider or an intruder when you know the people in your building and their activity timings. When people know their neighbors, they are more likely to report abnormal activities.

And for those of you planning to buy a Sowparnika apartment, you don’t have to worry too much about security. We have the experience needed to provide multi-layered safety and security features in each of our projects so that our clients can sleep easy. And we have the smiles of 7,500+ satisfied customers to prove it!

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