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Tips for Selecting an Affordable-Luxury Apartment in Trivandrum

Tips for Selecting an Affordable-Luxury Apartment in Trivandrum


Making the decision to buy a home is a tough one and comes with a ton of questions. Since there are so many parameters involved, you will need to weigh the pros and cons and make many crucial decisions too. The most important decision is on the extent of funds you can allocate as a down payment and the second is the location of the home. Backed by excellent infrastructure and a rapid growth rate, Trivandrum makes an excellent city to settle down in.

Affordable-luxury apartments

You will also need to decide whether you will be buying a luxury apartment or an affordable apartment. This will be based on how much money you can budget as EMI repayments each month. However, do keep in mind that affordable apartments in Trivandrum can also be luxury apartments.

Since land is expensive, smart builders in Trivandrum buy plots away from the heart of the city to construct apartments. This way, they are able to cut the cost of construction, while still providing luxury homes to buyers. Another smart trick used is in the designing; instead of opting for numerous nooks and corners, builders go with straight-walled designs to bring down labor costs, hence bringing down the final cost of the apartment.

Here is a look at some tips to guide you in selecting affordable luxury apartments in Trivandrum:


As mentioned, finalize how much funds you can afford to spend each month on EMIs. Do keep in mind that you also have groceries, school fees, retirement funds, emergency funds and other bills to pay too. If you budget wisely, you can easily afford to buy your choice apartment.


This is another key factor to keep in mind as affordable luxury homes are usually not located in the city center. Focus on prime locations a little away from the crowded city center (where the costs of similar apartments are higher). Apartments are better priced away from the city center.

Built-up Area

Also known as the carpet area, the actual area of your home should be of prime importance – after all, you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a cramped-up home. You would be surprised to know that luxury apartments with the same carpet areas in the city center cost more than those that are 10-15 minutes drive away. This literally makes luxury apartments located further away to become affordable-luxury apartments!


Another crucial factor to keep in mind is the project builder. Go with big brand builders who deliver the best in terms of quality, facilities, amenities and architecture – not to mention the entire transaction experience. Most well-known builders focus on the needs of their customers and build homes to suit every pocket size and need.


This is a crucial part of any home buying process. Before signing on the dotted lines, do ensure that every necessary permit and certificate has been obtained in ration to the project and collect a copy of the same. Check if all previous land taxes have been paid and that there are no extra hidden charges involved. Pay close attention to all the clauses and penalties involved. It would be better to have a property lawyer onboard at this point.

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