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Interesting Facts About Technopark

Interesting Facts About Technopark


Though Trivandrum, the beautiful capital city of Kerala, has a lot going for it, a major driving source behind the recent growth seen in the modern-day Trivandrum has been Technopark, an IT park that has been expanding rapidly year-on-year.

With well over 470 companies, including many multinationals resident here today, the park provides over 70,000 plus jobs directly and around two lakh jobs indirectly. This is a gross difference from the 5,000 direct jobs and 20,000 indirect jobs expected to be generated when Technopark was being conceptualized in 1988-89. These numbers are expected to go up much further as Technopark heads towards completion of its Phase II, Phase III and Phase IV expansion program.


It all started off on 50 acres of land acquired from the University of Kerala. In its heydays, the Technopark project was known as ‘Vaidyan Kunnu’ and the spot was chosen keeping in mind the plans for a new road (currently NH66) which would help in connectivity. With every successive government backing the Technopark project, it has grown from Phase I to Phase II, III and IV, with Phase IV being the Technocity. The first few companies started to trickle in 1993-94, with TCS being the first big company to move in here. There has been no looking back since then.

The Campus

The Technopark campus is home to visually-striking architectural and sculptural forms and is touted to be one amongst the world’s greenest electronics Technopolis. The campus also has its own top-notch internal water distribution system as well as a dedicated 110 kV, 30MVA internal power distribution system, guaranteeing smooth supply throughout this IT hub. Technopark is also well-connected to major internet providers through fiberoptic lines as well as having a satellite earth station in the Phase I zone.

This environment-friendly campus is a high security area that provides perfectly harmonious work settings. With huge opportunities for development, Technopark is a major catchment area for fresh college students bubbling with enthusiasm and ideas.

Campus Zones

With the inclusion of Phase IV (Technocity), Technopark will cover an area close to 850 acres or 3.5 sq km, making it one of the largest IT satellite townships. It’s planned that the Technocity phase will be multi-purpose and include Biotechnology and Nanotechnology centers aside from IT, commercial and residential developments. Technocity is located about 5km north of the main Technopark campus and is planned to be a self-contained township with homes, schools, hospital, shopping centers, entertainment hubs, etc. It’s also touted to create employment for well over 100,000 professionals.

SEZ Zones in Technopark

With the completion of Phase IV, Technopark is expected to encompass four Special Economic Zones (SEZ), providing a range of economic benefits to the companies which have set up shop in Technopark. The park also provides business incubation facilities for new start-up firms such as plug-and-play facilities to companies in the IT/ITeS and electronics fields. This allows them to function seamlessly from an unparalleled, unified location.

Aside from the meticulously-designed built-up office spaces, there are many other attractive services available at Technopark that place it in a class of its own. These include a gym, swimming pool, club, sporting facilities, guesthouse, restaurant mall/shopping complex, etc.

Way Forward

Technopark has been deigned to flourish as a more or less insulated island that isn’t affected adversely by other goings-on in the city. For instance, work is never impeded when there is a hartal in the city. More big-timers and multinationals are expected to join Technopark in the near future, creating leverage for higher-paying jobs. Low-end jobs like data entry, coding, manual testing, etc., will get phased out and employees will need to continuously upgrade their skills to maintain their jobs.

Impact on Trivandrum

Technopark has made an indelible mark on the culture and economy of the city. With professionals from all over India as well as from many other countries working here too, Technopark is a cultural melting pot of different languages, cultures and cuisines. Their advent into the city has been closely followed by many national and multinational food chains making their mark here. People are becoming increasingly multilingual and enjoying diversified cultures.

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