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Designing your home is a great form of creative expression. The common perception in the society is that designing interiors is an expensive affair and will end up burning a hole in your pocket, in reality, it is not so. The best way to save on the big bucks and still get quality space is to draw inspiration from DIY ideas. A little bit of creativity is all it takes to give your home a new look. You could also incorporate some of these pocket friendly ideas.


DIY wallpaper

We all love a lovely, classy print on our bedroom walls. You can achieve this without having to shell out your money on expensive wallpapers. Simply use a nice stencil and some paint to draw out patterns on the wall.


Driftwood love

If you happen to travel to a forest or woody area, look out for pieces of driftwood. Driftwood is also available in shops at a reasonable price. The beauty of driftwood is that no two pieces are similar, lending your home a classy, rustic look. You can use driftwood in various ways depending on the size and shape of the piece. A short trunk with branches makes for a lovely candle holder or a stand for your center table. A large block can be used as a head board for your bed. We can also use them as tabletops, counter tops, and vanity tops.

Plate it up

Got some old ceramic plates or hand painted plates that you don’t have the heart to use for food? Hang them up on the wall. They could be of various hues and sizes. These make for a lovely wall piece on a blank wall.

Genie in a bottle

Old wine bottles and glass bottles make for excellent décor pieces. You could use them as hanging vases, which you can place at different levels with plants and flowers hanging out of each of them. The entire room will be brightened by this simple addition. Try this in your balcony or dining area.

Cane magic

Using cane is a very effective way to add class without having to spend too much. A simple cane chair or swing in the corner by the window adds a whole new look to the house. You could team it up with some vibrant upholstery.

Table décor

Forget the boring, conventional table mats and coasters. Use interesting items like pebbles or items from your kitchen like dals, seeds and grains to make innovative table accessories.

DIY art

If you have an artist at home, there’s nothing to worry about. If you don’t, you could create your own photocopied art pieces which look just as good when framed and hung up on the wall.

Pompom rugs

Try making rugs out of pompoms. They are an instant boost to the vibrancy of the room.

Beach bounty

Don’t we love vacationing by the sea? On such escapades, look out for interesting shells and other beach bounty that you can bring back home and use as décor.

Making your home décor interesting only takes a little bit of creativity and imagination. You could save yourself a whole lot of money by simply staying alert to new cheaper possibilities.

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