Thrifty DIY decorating ideas for your home décor


Doing up your home interiors is a great form of creative expression. Contrary to popular belief, great interiors do not necessarily involve burning a hole in your pocket. A little bit of creativity will go a long way in giving your home a facelift. You’ll be surprised at how beautifully you can make use of existing items in your house and completely turn it around to give your home that lovely décor that you always dreamed of. Here are some ideas you can use:



Vacationing close to a forest or a woody area? Keep a lookout for pieces of driftwood. A lot of shops also sell driftwood for a reasonable price. The best thing about driftwood is that no two pieces are similar. Hence, using it for your home décor gives it that rustic look that never goes out of style. These lovely pieces look expensive, classy and raw at the same time. What you use it for will depend on the size and shape of the piece you have. A short trunk with branches makes for a lovely tea candle holder or a stand for your center table. A large block can be used as a head board for your bed. You could also fashion them into tabletops, counter tops, and vanity tops. In any form, they will add a lot of character to your home at little or no cost. You could choose to treat the driftwood with some varnish for a gloss look.

Genie in a bottle

Do not throw away those old wine bottles and other old glass bottles. They make for beautiful hanging vases. Have a whole set of them hanging at different levels with a flower each, and watch in amazement how the entire room changes. This makes great décor for your balcony or your dining room.

Stylish table manners

Still using the boring old cloth and plastic table mats and coasters? Add some creative genius to it by using pebbles or simply stuff from your kitchen like various dals, grains or seeds.

Molten records

Does your grandfather have a grand collection of old vinyl records? You’re in luck. When heated, these records can be molded into flower like bowls, which you can then paint in eclectic patterns. Use these in the living room to place bric-a-bracs. These make for beautiful vintage pieces if you can find the record label at the bottom.

Pompom rugs

Ever tried making a rug out of pompoms? Try it now. You won’t regret it.

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