Solutions for blank walls at your house


Sometimes blank walls provide the perfect canvas for stylish and creative décor in your house, making the space look lively and chic. The best part is that you don’t necessarily have to invest of expensive artwork in order to fill up the blank spaces.

  • Fabric on the wall – Got a pretty piece of fabric that you can’t quite seem to figure out what to do with? Make a pretty frame of it and hang it up on a blank wall.

  • Kitchen or dining décor – If you’d like to fill up the blank walls in your kitchen or dining area, simply take silhouettes or cut-outs from old cookbooks or food magazines and frame them up to create your own culinary art zone.

  • Botanicals – You could try various techniques to use botanicals as artwork on your walls. Take a plastic botanical and spray paint on it to create a reverse effect, which you can then frame and hang as artwork. Alternately, you could also frame dried flowers and leaves.

  • Vintage look – If you happen to have a set of antique pieces that were hand-me-downs from your ancestors, this is a perfect place to use them. You could also display any antique artefacts you may have collected during your travels.

  • Calender/ planner – Contrary to what you might thing, you can make calenders look arty against your blank walls.

  • Mirror mirror on the wall – One of the easiest ways to do up a blank wall is to simply put a mirror on it. Mirrors give the illusion of space and also brighten up a room. Besides, a good looking mirror can make for an excellent décor piece in your house.

  • Photo wall – This again is a lovely way to spruce up a blank wall without having to think too much. Simply turn it into a collage of your favorite family moments and frame it up.

  • Plated wall – If you haven’t heard of this already, you must try it. Hanging plates of different shapes, sizes and designs on a blank wall really creates interest and lends an artsy look to your house.

  • Display shelves – Build in small display shelves and fill it up with little bric-a-bracs and photo frames.

  • Bookshelf – You might already have a designated place in the house for a bookshelf, so use up the extra blank walls to create some minimalistic shelves and display a few books on them.

  • Make up your own ideas on the fly and try a combination of things if you have too many blank walls. The key is to fill them up in a minimalistic kind of way that also allows for some visual space in the room.

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